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Nectarine Jelly

Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Effect: Calming, Relaxed, Energetic, Euphoric
Flavor Profile: Fruity, Gassy, Garlicky
Aroma: Peachy, Sweet, Onion, Gassy

Nectarine Jelly is a beautiful cross of Peach Panther (Peaches x Papaya Bomb) and GovernMint Oasis (GMO x Gush Mints).

Nectarine Jelly aromas and flavors are a nice combination of its parents: fruity, sweet and peachy flavors from Peach Panther, with an umami, gassy finish from the GMO in the GovernMint Oasis.

The effect starts with a powerful energy high, a lifted sense of pure, positive euphoria. A soothing body high follows, settling in and relaxing both body and mind. Perfect to enjoy in the evening, and for winding down a late night.

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