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Chronic Cake

Indica Dominant
Genetics: Wedding Cake x La Bomba
Effect: Calming, relaxed, Euphoric, Happy
Flavor Profile: Creamy, Sweet, Woody, Kush
Aroma: Orange, Clove, Magnolia, Lavender, Hops
Dominant Terpenes: S (-) Limonene, Trans-Caryophyllene, Farnesene, Linalool

Chronic Cake is a Wedding Cake backcross, created by crossing Wedding Cake with La Bomba, which is itself a cross of Wedding Cake and Jet Fuel Gelato. This combination results in the perfect balance of indica and sativa, with the best of Wedding Cake and a potent kick from the Jet Fuel Gelato. Chronic Cake has a sweet and creamy aroma with notes of vanilla and a gassy background. A unique sensory experience.

The effect is an energetic and elevated sensation from the sativa genetics, which then progresses into a deep relaxation, relieving stress. A great choice when it’s time to unwind from the day.

*Farmer Chauncy describes Chronic Cake as an intense but functional high, mellow, bright, and happy.

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