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Organic cultivation combined with the purity of solventless extraction.

Alchemy Pure offers natural, real soil-and-sun-grown cannabis in cured flower and pre-rolls. Currently operating under a conditional cultivation license in New York’s Hudson Valley, we plan to expand our line of sustainably-grown products to dispensaries in the upcoming Adult Use program. Nature’s medicine, nature-grown, from our farm to you.


Our Flower

Grown with love,
cured with care.



Organic starts with
the soil...

Real soil is a complex living thing. A healthy soil teems with a complex community of fungi, bacteria and microorganisms that make the soil’s minerals and nutrients available to plants. And, through plants, available to us. 


In the natural world, plants work in cooperation with these living organisms in the soil: a balanced micro life is the factor that makes real soil fertile. Fed with Jerry’s organic compost, cover cropped and naturally stewarded over decades, the abundant, unique soil life of our farm can be experienced in the potency of our sun-grown cannabis.


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